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Hear it from our our patients

Testimonials from our Patients

Celebrating Success at Westcliff Dental Practice

Welcome to a collection of heartfelt testimonials from our valued patients at Westcliff Dental Practice. We take immense pride in sharing the experiences and success stories of those who entrusted us with their dental care. These testimonials reflect the dedication of our skilled professionals and the personalised approach we bring to every patient’s journey.


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I recently had my lower wisdom tooth and adjacent molar extracted at the dental surgery. Despite knowing about the impacted wisdom tooth for 25 years, I hesitated due to past hospital experiences. Dan recommended Val Sharma, who provided expert care and offered sedation if needed. The procedure, lasting 1¼ hours, included local anaesthesia, thorough explanation, and post-operative care. Recovery was smoother than expected, and I appreciated the personalised care and convenience offered by the practice.

Mrs. JJM

I felt very self conscious and hated smiling in photos. The treatment proved to be very effective, I work in the public eye so wanted something discreet. Excellent, very helpful, informative and attentive. I am satisfied with my teeth, I have confidence again – I already have recommended it to three people.


Referred by my dentist Trevor, I consulted Daanish for teeth movement post-orthodontic treatment. Battling an overbite and front tooth gap, I felt self-conscious in photos. Daanish offered informative guidance, suggesting Invisalign braces for their discreetness and effectiveness. I appreciated the flexible payment options. The treatment was nearly painless, and the results surpassed expectations, restoring my smile confidence. I highly recommend both the treatment and Westcliff Dental Surgery for their exceptional service.

Sarah. T

After treatment at Westcliff Dental, including alignment and veneers on my upper front teeth, I regained confidence in my smile. Daanish Chattaroo guided me through the process with empathy and professionalism. The results exceeded expectations, and I highly recommend Westcliff Dental for excellent service.

Barry. K

Following multiple crown issues, I consulted you to explore solutions. Opting for an implant after thorough discussions, I've received excellent treatment throughout. Every step was meticulously explained, ensuring I felt safe and expertly cared for by the practice staff. Despite the time, discomfort, and expense, the end result exceeded expectations. I highly recommend your services to family and friends. Thank you for my new tooth—I love it.


Seeking a solution for my crooked front tooth, I chose the Inman Aligner at Westcliff Dental. Daanish provided clear explanations and flexible appointments, making the process comfortable. Thrilled with the results, I highly recommend their excellent care.


I'm grateful for the exceptional care I've received over the past nine months. Dissatisfied with previous consultations at other practices regarding my front teeth appearance, Dr. Kamran's approach was refreshing. He prioritized my concerns and presented clear, manageable treatment options. Throughout the process, I felt informed and empowered. The treatment was efficient, delivering results beyond my expectations. The professionalism and quality of service were outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend your practice to anyone seeking dental treatment.

Mrs. S N

As a regular patient, I noticed my teeth thinning and sought modern dental solutions. Encouraged by a friend's successful treatment, I pursued care with Dr. Kamran. The experience was seamless, with clear explanations and flexible appointments due to retirement. Post-treatment advice ensured a smooth transition, and I'm satisfied with the authentic-looking results. Improved confidence in smiling and communication, along with enhanced dental hygiene habits, are noticeable benefits. Thank you, Dr. Kamran, for the excellent care.

Mr. A P

The improvement in my sleep quality since using the Anti-snoring appliance is remarkable. Diagnosed with sleep apnoea in 1998, my snoring and breathing interruptions disrupted not only my sleep but also affected my husband's rest. Initially considering a splint due to teeth grinding, I later mentioned my sleep apnoea to you, which led to the recommendation of the appliance. Its effectiveness has been life-changing—I no longer snore, experience fewer breathing interruptions, and wake up feeling refreshed. Thank you, Taimoor, for this transformative solution.

Mrs. B

In 2008, Dr. Taimoor Kamran placed an implant to replace a problematic baby tooth. Initially hesitant at 22, Dr. Kamran patiently discussed options, including the implant procedure. Despite initial nerves, the surgery was pain-free, with minimal swelling or bruising. The aftercare, including check-ups and scalings, was straightforward. I'm delighted with the natural-looking results and grateful for Dr. Kamran's excellent care. Highly recommended.

Miss N B

I have been comparing my smile in photographs taken this year and the photos from last year’s festive season. Gosh what a difference! Last year I was so self conscious because the hairline cracks and the chips on my centrals along with the thinness of the enamel made my teeth look grey – my smile looked like a grimace. This year I was smiling widely or to quote my niece ‘grinning like the cat that got the cream’.

Mrs. M B

I want to share my experience with the mandibular advancement device (Anti-snoring device). Over the past decade, my snoring worsened, leading to separate sleeping arrangements with my wife. Following a hospital sleep study, the device was recommended before surgery. The first night using it was transformative—I didn't disturb my wife's sleep. I highly recommend it to anyone facing similar issues, as it greatly improved my relationship and sleep quality.

Mr. M D

At Westcliff Dental Practice, I received exceptional care from Taimoor Kamran and Daanish Chataroo. After enduring dentures since childhood, I sought a solution to regain my smile. Their honest guidance led to a bridge supported by implants and porcelain crowns. Despite dental phobia, their supportive approach eased my decision. After a year of treatment, the transformation is complete, boosting my confidence and smile. The cost was worth it. I've already recommended Westcliff Dental to many.


Facing severe dental issues, I opted for tooth implants at Westcliff Dental Practice. The team provided superb care, guiding me through comprehensive consultations with compassion. Their dedication resulted in a life-changing transformation, boosting my confidence immensely. I wish I had done it sooner, as the benefits of implants are priceless. I wholeheartedly recommend Westcliff Dental to anyone considering implants.

Theresa F